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MaryAnne Drake, Ph.D. Honored as 2022 ADPI Award of Merit Recipient

MaryAnne Drake, PhD

ADPI is pleased to announce MaryAnne Drake, Ph.D. as the 2022 Recipient of the ADPI Award of Merit.  The Award of Merit was established in 1991 to recognize individuals who have made a significant difference in the processed dairy products industry.

MaryAnne is a William Neal Reynolds Distinguished Professor in the Department of Food, Bioprocessing and Nutrition Sciences, Southeast Dairy Foods Research Center, North Carolina State University where she conducts research on the flavor and flavor chemistry of dairy foods.  Her research is focused on understanding how processing steps influence flavor, flavor stability and ultimately, customer/consumer perception.

MaryAnne was the first to develop defined sensory languages for dairy foods and apply processing and chemistry knowledge to link specific flavors with unit operations and volatile compounds.  This work has resulted in approaches to improve the flavor of cheese and dairy ingredients as well as customer/consumer messaging and communication.

MaryAnne has worked closely with the industry transferring flavor knowledge on a variety of dairy products and ingredients, and scientists around the planet are following her lead!

MaryAnne has the exceptional approach of being an academic scientist that is as enthusiastic about discoveries in the lab as she is in transferring them into practice in industry.  She has published more than 300 peer-reviewed manuscripts and 17 book chapters and is an acclaimed international authority on dairy foods flavor.

As a testament to her dedication to the student experience and the next generation of food and dairy scientists, MaryAnne has guided more than 80 students to advanced degrees.  She has delivered over 300 invited lectures/seminars throughout the world and enjoys working with companies on proprietary problem solving as much as she enjoys working with graduate students on public research.  Her work has been recognized several times by both the American Dairy Science Association (ADSA) and The Institute of Food Technologists (IFT).  MaryAnne is a Past President of ADSA and an ADSA and IFT Fellow.

ADPI congratulated MaryAnne Drake, Ph.D. on her accomplishments and achievements with this award during the 2022 ADPI/ABI Joint Annual Conference on April 26th in Chicago, IL

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