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Membership for Academic Institutions

Grooming the Future of the Dairy Industry

Academic Institutions who are committed to the research and teaching of dairy science, food science and more are invited to join ADPI through this membership category. Through this partnership, ADPI hopes to strengthen the ties between academia and research with the real-time opportunities and challenges of the dairy ingredients industry, and focus on the following:

  • Attracting more students into dairy careers
  • Providing better access to networking and career opportunities with ADPI member companies
  • Providing additional training and resources for faculty, staff and students
  • Providing opportunities for research to be communicated to industry and funding opportunities to increase
  • Providing scholarship opportunities that include academic members

An Academic Institution membership comes with an unlimited number of member slots; meaning, any faculty, staff or students associated with an institution would be able to take advantage of ADPI member benefits and resources.


Current Members

Become a member by submitting our membership application today.  Questions?  Contact KJ Burrington at or 630.530.8700 x225.

A Partnership between Academia & Industry

Resources for Teaching & Research

Dairy Ingredient Standards

ADPI is the trusted organization in the US for developing industry-wide standards for 30 different dairy ingredients, as well as providing technical resources through our staff and other curated materials with regards to manufacturing, supply chains and more. 

Academic Institution members have access to additional standards resources in our Dairy Ingredients Resource Library:

    • Specific Grading Requirements
    • Standard Methods of Analysis
    • Product & Process Descriptions
    • Dried Dairy Ingredients Handbook

Dairy Ingredient Product & Process Descriptions

A resource developed by K.Smith Consulting, members have access to the information found in the Dried Dairy Ingredients Handbook now in its 3rd edition. These resources are encouraged to be used in teaching materials. Take a look in our Dairy Ingredients Resource Library, where you’ll find resources for each ingredient.

Speakers for the Classroom

ADPI Members are a great resource to utilize as guest speakers in the classroom.  Search for potential speakers in our Online Member Directory or speak with KJ Burrington, Director of Technical Development, at to discuss options.

Annual Dairy Products Utilization and Production Trends Publication

ADPI is the only organization that provides this unique compilation of industry-wide data on the utilization of ingredients and production trends in the U.S. on dairy ingredients. Each year, ADPI collects market data from its members and other dairy industry participants on ways in which they utilize dairy ingredients. 

Participants in the survey included ADPI members, other cooperating processors, distributors and resellers.

In addition to the commercial utilization data compiled by ADPI, the publication also contains a wealth of information about dairy ingredients including: production figures, export volumes, and other key industry statistics. 

Produced as an annual publication in an easily accessible PDF format, this resource is available online to ADPI members as a member benefit at no-cost. Non-members are welcome to purchase a digital copy. 

Dairy Ingredient Samples

Looking for dairy ingredient samples for your research project or product development contest? Use our Find a Supplier Directory to order samples directly from the manufacturer. Simply click on the Find a Supplier button below, select Manufacturers, then select the ingredient you are looking for to generate a list of manufacturers and their contact information. 

Find a Supplier Directory

Our Find a Supplier Directory is a one-of-a-kind database available to all who visit the ADPI website. This database, featuring ADPI member companies, allows users to search for manufacturers and suppliers of specific dairy ingredients and providers of industry services across multiple tiers.

Training & Education

Discounts for ADPI Events

ADPI offers many annual opportunities that provide educational opportunities, training services, and related learning support within the dairy ingredients industry. 

Faculty/Staff and students enjoy discounted rates for all education & training opportunities.

Access to FREE Webinars

ADPI hosts numerous webinars throughout the year on relevant and timely topics. While most are streamed live fore free, only members can access the recordings in our Webinar Library.


ADPI is committed to investing in the growth of the dairy ingredients industry. ADPI, annually awards up to four $2,000 scholarships to dependents of an employee or to an employee of an ADPI member organization. These awards may be used for any educational expenses that a student may have in furthering his/her education.  Scholarship applications will open in November with an application date of January 31.

Engaging with the Dairy Industry

Online Member Directory

Our NEW online member directory allows members the ability to connect with individuals from other member companies, making it a go-to source for business referrals, networking and helping connect those in the dairy industry with each other. It including the 274 member organizations and individual employees.


In addition to providing networking opportunities for students in the dairy industry for internships and employment, we also support networking for faculty and staff who are looking to grow research activities. Faculty and staff are encouraged to utilize our member tools to network with member organizations throughout the year both online and in-person.

Center of Excellence

ADPI offers a network of experienced dairy industry professionals as subject matter experts capable of addressing a wide range of topics as a key resource to Member organizations. ADPI contracts annually with these subject matter experts on dairy related areas based on member need, engagement with members, and the expert’s availability. Center of Excellence experts represent a wide spectrum of disciplines.

Access to the ADPI Center of Excellence is a member benefit that provides ADPI members with an easy and economical way to to gain access to a pool of industry experts capable of addressing dairy related questions, issues or concerns they might have. 

Consultations with subject matter experts are free of charge to ADPI members within established guidelines. Consultations are limited to designated time constraints per topic and member classification.



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