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Richard Bradfield Honored as the 2023 C. Earl Gray Award of Merit Recipient

is proud to announce Richard Bradfield as the 2023 C. Earl Gray Award of Merit recipient. This award was established in 1991 to recognize individuals who have made a significant difference in the processed dairy products industry.

Richard Bradfield grew up on a dairy farm in Ireland and moved to the United States to begin his career with the International Ingredient Corporation (IIC) upon receiving his M.S. degree from the University of Dublin. Thirty years later, Richard has climbed the ladder to success and is currently the General Manager at IIC. Over his distinguished career, Richard’s engagement with ADPI enhanced his knowledge and growth of the dairy industry, and thus, he promoted the positives of dairy in the feed industry and was integral in the growth of his company. “Richard is a success story not only here at IIC, but his career and life speaks to the American dream,” states Clayton Brown, CEO of The International Companies.

Richard’s involvement in ADPI has also been instrumental and has led the organization through many challenging and pivotal moments, including three CEO transitions, economic recessions, a global pandemic and a host of other dynamic industry specific events. As a veteran of ADPI, Richard’s board engagement with ADPI started in 2002 and he twice served as Chair of the board of directors. Richard is passionate about building an organization that serves its members and he demonstrates this through his ongoing prioritization of committee involvement, executive board engagement, board leadership and officer mentorship.

Richard and his wife Caroline reside in St. Louis, Missouri and have three grown daughters and a son.

ADPI congratulated Richard Bradfield on his accomplishments and achievements with this award during the 2023 ADPI/ABI Annual Conference on April 25 in Chicago, IL.

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