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Strategic Priorities

Where the Dairy Industry Does Business®

In addition to our mission and vision, four strategic priorities align and guide our focus, activities, and engagement to ensure relevance to our industry and for our members.

Technical Support | Industry Standards & Specifications

ADPI provides important resources to the industry through product standards for dairy ingredients. Expertise from member companies and staff are utilized to define, establish and refine ingredient standards for the industry as a whole. ADPI member organizations support each other through numerous activities and acknowledge that ADPI is the leading knowledge base for related technical information. Industry members also look to ADPI to find vendors, partners, product and equipment suppliers, and related service suppliers through our vast network of contacts engaged in the industry.

Training | Education | Development

ADPI offers many opportunities throughout the year in the form of annual conferences, seminars, forums, webinars, training courses, and symposia. These activities provide knowledge-enhancing opportunities about products, processes, markets, and other related events that impact and shape the dairy ingredient segment of the broader food and beverage industry. With a robust list of industry experts who share their expertise and knowledge, ADPI provides high-quality, value-added, and relevant information.

Marketing & Communications

The ADPI marketing and communications team supports the organization’s voice, style and personality while actively increasing our internal and external brand awareness. We focus on providing strong communication with our membership and promoting resources and services available to ADPI members and the dairy industry at large.

Marshaling Resources

Utilizing volunteers from ADPI member organizations, ADPI leverages its collective resources to serve the dairy industry. Members serve on committees and task forces to fulfill our mission and achieve our vision for Where the Dairy Industry Does Business®.



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