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 New Ingredients to Enhance Texture and Shelf Life of Dairy Products  

By Helen Glaberson

Spanish firm Premium Ingredients, S.L, is launching two ingredients that it claims will enhance the texturization and stabilization of dairy products such as UHT milk and cheese.

UHT Milk
For UHT reconstituted milk, the company has developed Premitex XLB-6012, a blend of emulsifiers and stabilizers which are composed of mono - and diglycerides of fatty acids, carrageenan and guar gum.

Advantages of the ingredient, according to the company, include improved emulsion stability, controlled mouthfeel and viscosity, improved appearance, and prevention of fat separation and sedimentation.

The company claims the ingredient can maintain its chemical, physical and sensory characteristics during prolonged storage time and avoids quality deterioration caused by changes in temperature.

José Navarro, Premium Ingredients R&D Manager told that the product’s “excellent functionality at a competitive price” was thanks to an efficient designs process and high production capacity.

Cheese Applications
For Mediterranean style cheese, Premium Ingredients is also introducing the Premilac XLK-10007, a milk protein and stabilizer combination formed from carrageenan and gums.

“Its functional properties are designed to meet specific customer needs and product requirements in terms of texture, protein content and Dry Matter (FAT / DM) ratio,” said the company.

The firm said its ingredient is specially designed to create Mediterranean style cheese of firm homogeneous and breakable textures and can be “adjusted to the desired characteristics of the end product”.

Premium Ingredients claims that the Premilac XLK-10007 can lower the production cost of Feta type cheese by minimizing syneresis, replacing milk fat with vegetable fat and enabling increases in cheese yield.

Navarro said that because the ingredient is a highly performing texturizer it also significantly reduces the cost of production by decreasing the need for milk proteins.

The ingredients are not an off-the -shelf, "one-fits-all" product but are tailored specifically “to meet exactly the customers’ needs”, Navarro added.

Source: Dairy Reporter

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