Tuesday, October 16, 2018
 IDF Reveals Details of 2011 World Dairy Summit  

Sustainability is to take center stage at the 2011 IDF World Dairy Summit – to be held this year in Parma, Italy, in October.

The event, which takes place from October 15-19, will review the progress made towards the sustainability goals set out in the Global Dairy Agenda for Action. This was an initiative developed by six big dairy organisations to deliver reductions in greenhouse gas emissions throughout the dairy supply chain.

The initiative will also be discussed at the “Global Dairy Roundtable on Supply Chain Issues” – other topics to be covered include climate change, food security, population growth and agriculture in a globalized economy.

Other key events at the summit include “The World Dairy Leaders’ Forum” on October 16 at which CEOs will discuss current strategies and challenges.

Click here for details of the 2011 conference program.

Source: Dairy Reporter


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