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 IDF Publishes New Milk Supply Guidelines After Melamine Crisis  

By Guy Montague-Jones

New milk supply guidelines have been launched by the International Dairy Federation (IDF) in response to the Chinese melamine crisis in 2008.

The newly published guidance document contains information on tools, procedures and methods that can be used to combat contamination of suppliers’ milk.

IDF began work on the guidance following the melamine crisis in 2008 which killed six children and sickened 300,000 people.

The dairy trade and science body launched the initiative alongside the development of a new testing standard for melamine – published in November last year and due to be adopted by the Codex Alimentarius Commission this summer.

The testing guidelines were designed to combat the immediate threat posed by melamine whereas the newly published supply chain guidance has a broader scope.

Claus Heggum, leader of the task force in charge of the publication, said its aim is to anticipate problems that could “compromise the integrity of milk in the supply chain in the future.”

Who is the guidance for?
And although the melamine crisis prompted IDF to pursue the project, Heggum said it is not just targeted at the Chinese dairy industry.

“These guidelines are aimed at dairy companies in all countries and can be used as part of their self-assurance systems. They are not targeting specifically the Chinese industry.” Heggum told

Explaining the basic approach of the guidelines, he added: “The underlying principles are those applied in Quality Assurance (QA) systems, i.e. systematic approach based upon the Plan, Do, Check and Act approach. These generic principles have been adapted to this particular purpose and include well known principles from HACCP and risk analysis.”

The new guide - IDF Bulletin 449 “Integrated Supply Chain Management” can be ordered on the IDF website.

Source: Dairy Reporter

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