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 Argentina to Offer Online Milk Powder Auction  

Starting in August, Argentina will be the second country in the world, behind New Zealand, to auction, online, its milk production. It is one of the proposals from national government to tackle the rise in production and generate long-term policy.

The Government, together with a group of manufacturers and dairy farmers from different watersheds in the country – is organizing what will be the first international auction of milk powder, in order to develop a long-term policy that addresses the current increase production and encourage the members of the sector. In this way, Argentina is the second country after New Zealand, to conduct international auctions on the Internet.

“Currently, only the cooperative Fonterra of New Zealand makes this, which is what makes the prices of milk powder in the world,” Commerce and Justice to Ider Peretti, head of the Rural Society of mortars and related producer the national government. “In August we are making the first auction, which (from there) will be monthly. The idea is to start with milk powder, which we will add serum and then hard cheese for export, “he said, adding:” These talks and with Fonterra, the dairy Argentina will mark the international prices “ .

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According to what Peretti forward, the initiative came from the dairy farmers warned of 13% increase in production from last year. “The government took up the matter for more than 20 days and brought to the Dairy Industry Centre (ILC), a Apymel (SMEs), and the tables dairy Cordoba, Santa Fe, La Pampa and Santiago del Estero, and chart this proposal, “he said.

Moreover, Fonterra is the world’s largest exporter and accounts for over one third of international dairy trade. “When we say that increased or decreased the international price of powdered milk is because it changed from fortnightly auctions organized by Fonterra,” he said and announced: “We invite all to participate and Argentine industries, as in New Zealand, all Argentines to follow, via the Internet, the auction where you can see what industry offers its production, much is the milk of each company and who buys it. ”

He also indicated that this plan will “promote the industries and producers because we know that when manufacturers can place their products better, impacts on producers. Also, the international auction, producer groups can associate with each other, dry your milk and top it themselves."

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