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 Arla Targets UK-Based Indian Community with a New Line of Dairy Products  

By Graham Holter  

Arla Foods has launched a range of Indian dairy products following a three-year research and development program, involving investment of £1.5m.
The Savera range is the result of a partnership with brand agency Dragon Rouge and Indian chef Ajoy Sachdev. Savera means “new dawn” or “morning” in Hindi.

It comprises five products: paneer, a soft white Indian vegetarian cheese; dahi, a product similar to yogurt (a fermented whole milk product) and commonly used in Indian curries; the sweet yogurt-based drink, lassi, also available in alphonso mango flavor; and traditional raita.

The range is targeted at the UK-based Indian community and has already achieved supermarket listings.

The products are being made in two Arla sites in Denmark and a spokeswoman said there are plans to extend the range in due course.

Belinda Parkinson, future creations manager for Arla, said: “Food is integral to the Indian culture and dairy plays quite a large part in this.

Research shows that modern Indian women feel torn between their careers and living a modern, western lifestyle, yet they want to stay true to their roots by cooking authentic Indian dishes for their families.

Big Four Supermarkets
The majority of these consumers like to shop in the big four supermarkets, but often have to make extra trips to Indian supermarkets to “top up.”

The Savera range has been designed to provide a convenient shortcut for modern Indian families who use dairy ingredients, she added.

“We aim to provide consumers the chance to buy all their fresh quality products in one place and still enjoy authentic meals.”

Source: Food Manufacture

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