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 Butter Smugglers Nabbed in Norway as Shortage Escalates  

Norwegian police have arrested two Swedes for smuggling more than 250 kilograms of butter into the country.

Norway is currently facing a severe butter shortage driving people to resort to extremes to get their hands on the highly coveted spread.

The two men were able to sell a packet of butter for roughly $33 in Beitstad, Steinkjer near the Swedish border before their van laden with the yellow stuff was stopped by police Saturday evening. The illegal butter will no doubt be destroyed as it had not been declared at customs, Norwegian newspaper Adresseavisen reports.

“They have confessed that they bought butter in Sweden to sell at a profit in Norway. They were hoping to make some money by selling butter to Norwegians,” lawyer Amund Sand told the paper.

Norway’s butter woes stem from a damp summer that reduced the quality of animal feed that in turn cut milk output by 25 million liters.

The butter shortage isn’t likely to end soon as the popularity of low-carb, fat-rich diets and the soaring demand for butter used in traditional Norwegian Christmas dishes have also contributed to the scarcity.

People are coming up with creative ways to get their hands on butter.

Swedes have posted ads on local classifieds website Blocket offering to drive butter across the border for up $75 for a 500 gram packet.

Saturday’s sting isn’t the first butter smuggling venture gone bad. Earlier this month, police arrested a Russian man after they found 90 kilograms of butter in his car — he was trying to smuggle the yellow gold across the Norwegian-Swedish border, Sweden’s The Local reported.

Source: The Toronto Star (Canada)

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