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 Information on the Melamine Contamination in Milk-Derived Products of Chinese Origin  
Some ADPI Members have reported receiving questions from various customers concerning recent media reports of the melamine contamination that has been identified in certain dairy products originating from China.
The key message for concerned customers is that all identified melamine contamination has been limited to Chinese manufactured dairy products. No U.S.-made processed dairy product has been found to be contaminated. (It should also be noted that some eggs produced in China have recently been found to contain melamine, presumably due to contamination of feed stocks.) 
So far, Chinese authorities have found contamination in liquid milk, frozen yogurt dessert, biscuits, candies and coffee drinks. All such products were apparently manufactured by Chinese processors using ingredients made from melamine contaminated milk. Apparently, certain unidentified Chinese milk producers have adulterated milk with melamine in order to artificially boost protein test results. 
ADPI Members, or their customers, desiring more detailed information on the current status of the Chinese melamine contamination scandal may wish to consult the following sources:
The U.S. FDA issued an open letter dated October 10, 2008, to the U.S. food manufacturing industry outlining useful steps that manufacturers can take to protect their products against possible contamination from any milk-derived products originating in China. The FDA letter may be found at:
A very comprehensive description of the melamine scandal can be found on the website of the World Health Organization (WHO) at: WHO is an agency of the United Nations and is responsible for providing leadership on global health matters. WHO’s brief question and answer page on the melamine scandal can be accessed at:
Finally, the IFIC Foundation has prepared a brief publication on the melamine issue which also contains several useful links that can be downloaded at The IFIC Foundation is the educational arm of the International Food Information Council whose mission is to make available science-based information on food safety and nutrition issues.

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