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 3-A SSI Invites Participation in Development of New Food Processing Equipment Design Standard  

3-A Sanitary Standards invites participation in the development of a new base or “A-level” standard for the sanitary design, materials of construction, and fabrication techniques of dairy and other food and beverage equipment used to handle, process and package consumable products where a high degree of sanitation is required.  The primary purpose of the new document is to help streamline the upkeep of current 3-A Sanitary Standards which are specified for the processing of milk and dairy products.  The new document may be beneficial to other industries where specific design criteria are desired for processing equipment that comes into contact with food products or other comestibles.

The new 3-A SSI “A level” standard will encompass key criteria which are common to 3-A Sanitary Standards.  Some of these key criteria include definitions of important terms, acceptable materials and testing requirements, and fabrication details.  Unlike other types of standards, 3-A Sanitary Standards relate to the cleanability of processing equipment. 

In conjunction with the new “A level” standard, 3-A SSI will develop the technical requirements applicable to specific types of equipment contained in a series of revamped “B-level” standards.          3-A SSI currently maintains 69 individual 3-A Sanitary Standards encompassing virtually all the major types of equipment involved in the processing and transport of fluid milk and dairy products.  Under the new tiered system of standards, 3-A SSI will be able to more easily update the common criteria for all 3-A SSI equipment standards.

3-A SSI is developing the “A level” standard as an American National Standard to inform all interested parties and to encourage participation in the project.  3-A Sanitary Standards are developed through a consensus-based process where the cooperative efforts of industry experts — equipment manufacturers, food and beverage product processors, and regulatory sanitarians — define the technical content.  Most of the work is conducted by conference call and drafts and ballots are sent electronically. 

There are no dues or fees for participation. For information on how to participate on the standard development committee, contact Nate Wall at or phone at (703) 790-0295, ext. 101.  Visit the 3-A SSI web site at for general information on 3-A Sanitary Standards, procedures, Work Groups, an index of current 3-A Sanitary Standards, and more. 

Source: 3-A Sanitary Standards Press Release

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