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 Fonterra May Close Kapiti Cheese Plant  

The Kapiti Cheese factory in Paraparaumu, which is located on the south-western North Island of New Zealand is facing possible closure.

A Fonterra brands spokesperson told the "Dominion Post" newspaper that the company was reviewing all of its speciality cheese factories, including the Te Roto Dr factory, which employs about 66 staff.

The site is a supplier of speciality cheese, such as creamy blue, brie and parmesan. The spokesperson said a decision had not yet been made about the future of the factory.

Kapiti Cheese began as an independent company in 1984. It started as a small cheese shop and boutique factory at Lindale.

The company gained an international reputation before it was sold to Foodstuffs in 2003 and then to Fonterra in 2005.

Source: The Dominion Post (New Zealand)

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