Friday, November 16, 2018
 Global Milk Production on the Rise  

Buoyed by rising milk production in India, total global milk output is expected to rise by almost 3 percent to 750.1 million tons in the current calendar year, United Nation's body FAO has said.

World production of milk is estimated at 730.1 mt in 2011, Food and Agriculture Organization said in its latest Food outlook report.

"World milk production in 2012 is forecast to grow by 2.7 percent to 750 mt. Asia is expected to account for most of the increase, with output in India, the world's largest milk producing country, forecast to rise by 5.2 million tons to 127 million tons," FAO noted.

Dynamic domestic demand is the main engine stimulating growth in India, which is largely absent from the international market for dairy products, it added.

As per India's National Dairy Development Board, the country produced 121 mt of milk in 2010-11 fiscal, which comprised about 17 percent of global production.

According to the government data, the per capita milk availability rose to 281 gm per day in 2010-11.

On global milk trade, demand for dairy products is pegged to grow by 4 percent to 52.7 mt in 2012 from 50.7 mt in 2011, FAO said.

Asia will continue to be the main market, with additional demand expected to come from countries such as China, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, the Republic of Korea and Singapore, it added.

Source: Wisconsin Ag Connection

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