Tuesday, October 16, 2018
 Dairy Helps Prevent Osteoporosis, Research Shows  

 A study by the University of South Australia, released to coincide with National Healthy Bones Week, found at least 43,000 cases of osteoporosis could have been prevented by Australians upping their dairy intake.

The average Australian consumes only 1.7 serves of dairy foods a day, instead of the recommended three serves.

One serve is equal to 250ml of milk, 200g of yoghurt or 40g of cheese.

The study found that increasing dairy intake to even just two serves a day could dramatically reduce the number of Australians who develop osteoporosis each year.

Dairy Australia is using the findings during National Healthy Bones Week to encourage people to consume more dairy.

"This year's `milkshake' theme encourages Australians to build and maintain strong bones by teaming exercise with calcium-rich foods such as milk and dairy products," Dairy Australia dietitian Glenys Zucco said in a statement.

University of Melbourne bone researcher Dr Sandra Iuliano-Burns said research showed the combination of a calcium-rich diet and exercise had a powerful effect on bone density.

Source: Nine News (Australia)


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