Thursday, October 18, 2018
 California Milk Production Regaining Recent Loss  

California milk production is steady to trending slightly higher and is regaining some of the recent losses caused by weather conditions and feed factors across the state.  The most recent milk production report confirms what people knew - that milk output is running well below year ago levels because of the various weather, financial and feeding factors.  Milk suppliers continue to find it difficult to
adequately and efficiently run their own operations after supplying the milk needs of others. 

Milk production in the Pacific Northwest is also below year ago levels.  A combination of fewer cows and less production per cow, have milk handlers with tighter supplies going into manufacturing plants.  Available supplies are being moved into plants with best returns and other plants are seeing some reduced schedules.  Dry, cool weather along the coast and favorable weather in the high desert areas are making cow comfort issues moot.  Dairy farmers are working to finish forage operations and to take stock of supplies for the winter. 

The milk supplies in Utah and Idaho are also reduced.  Idaho milk supplies are below year ago levels as dairy farms have reduced cow numbers through harder culling of lower producing animals.  Feed costs remain high and dairies are not willing to expand until milk prices can cover the cost of production. 

According to NASS, August Milk Production for the 23 surveyed states totals 15.3 billion pounds, down 0.2% (29 million pounds) from last year.  August milk production changes from a year ago for selected Western states are as follows: Arizona -3.8%, California -5.8%, Colorado +6.2%; Idaho -0.2%, New Mexico -2.9%, Oregon -0.5%, Utah +2.5%, and Washington -3.3%.  Monthly milk production per cow for the 23 surveyed states was 1,803 pounds -0.6% from August 2011. 

Source: USDA

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