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 Cheese Products Hold Largest Share in German Dairy Market  

According to the report, "Consumer Trends in the Dairy Market in Germany, 2011", cheese is followed by milk at 22%, butter & spreadable fats 15%, yoghurt 14%, puddings/desserts 6% and cream 2%.

Among the consumers of various age groups, those above 55 years formed a major part with 36%, followed by mid-lifers, aged 45-54, at far second with 16%. At 6.7%, tweens & early teens of 10-15 years were the least consumers of dairy products.

Female consumers had a marginal lead over males with 53%, while the urban-rural divide was 64-36%.

Indulgence was the most influencing trend for the consumption of dairy products, at 47.8%; better value for money at 31.5% came next.

The affluent consumers held a major share at 35%, while the highly affluent held the least at 10.8%.

Consumers educated up to the upper secondary level consumed more dairy products than those at other education levels, at 29%. Post graduates were the least contributors at 2.4%.

Individuals having more than seven hours of leisure time a day held 40% market share while those with less than an hour formed only 3.8%. The consumption, however, was not proportionate to the leisure time available, as the time poor and time pressed consumers, with one to five hours spare time, held 21% each.

Source: Food Business Review

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