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 New Zealand Milk Production Jumps 11.3%  

New Zealand’s 2011-2012 milk production leaped 11.3% according to the latest data released from Dairy NZ, making it the most productive season on records.

Average production per cow reached a new record of 364 kilograms of milksolids, and more cows being milked resulted in dairy companies processing 19.1 billion liters of milk containing 1.69 billion kilograms of milk solids in the year ending May 31, 2012.

Milk production per hectare of 1,028 kg surpassed the 1,000 kg mark for the first time.

The 2011-12 New Zealand Dairy Statistics report is made up of data sourced from the LIC National Database, dairy companies, Animal Evaluation database, Animal Health Board Annual Report, Real Estate Institute of NZ and Statistics New Zealand.

The full report is here.

Source: Dairy NZ

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