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 Glanbia Foods Acquires Eastern Idaho Cheese Plant  

Glanbia Foods, Inc. has announced the purchase of the Sartori Foods cheese plant in Blackfoot, Idaho.
The acquisition, says Glanbia Foods, is a key enabler to the company’s strategy to not only be the largest producer of American-style cheese but to also be the most innovative producer of American-style cheese.

"This acquisition further demonstrates Glanbia’s commitment to innovation and to the long-term sustainability of dairy in Idaho," said Jeff Williams, president and CEO of Glanbia Foods.

"This manufacturing plant represents the ‘right size’ cheese plant that will allow us to take new product development out of our Cheese Innovation Center to commercial scale in a reduced time cycle," continued Williams.

As it has in other areas where it operates, Glanbia will establish itself as a key partner in the Blackfoot community and bring additional economic value to the area, the company says.

"The Blackfoot plant has a long history of producing quality cheese," said John Mutchler, executive vice president of the company’s supply chain. "We are excited about the prospects of building on that tradition. The plant is located in a region that has a strong local supply of high quality milk, which will allow Glanbia to make gold-medal quality cheese that meets our customers’ needs."

Glanbia Foods, Inc. has been headquartered in Idaho for 23 years. Over that time, the company has experienced significant growth, becoming the largest producer of American-style cheese in the world. In addition to supplying cheese and value-added whey products to domestic customers, Glanbia ships dairy products to 30 countries across the globe.

Source: AgWeb

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