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 ADPI Unveils New Vision & Strategy Along With A Fresh New Look  

The American Dairy Products Institute (ADPI), the leading association representing the dairy ingredients industry, unveiled a new vision and strategy along with a fresh new logo for the organization during their 2013 Annual Conference.

The new vision, along with a new mission statement, is built upon a foundation of time-tested core values which are at the heart of what ADPI stands for.

“It is an exciting time to be a member of a re-vitalized ADPI,” said CEO David Thomas. “This launch kicks-off a new era at ADPI that speaks to who we are as an association. We have a singular focus on increasing the worldwide use of dairy-based ingredients. Our members manufacture and market the majority of the milk-based and whey-based dairy ingredients in the United States. These products are in high demand around the world, as consumers continue to recognize the benefit of dairy components in their diet and it is one of the most dynamic sectors of the dairy industry today.”

Having strong foundational values, a sense of mission and a clear strategy, ADPI is now positioned to achieve a very bold vision:  to be the World’s Premier Authority on Dairy Ingredients.  The new mission statement explains exactly how they will achieve this goal - by marshaling the technical, manufacturing and marketing resources of their members and others.

The strength of ADPI resides in its membership.   The new ADPI strategy depends upon a re-energized committee and task force structure, and members being willing to give of their time and talents to collaboratively work together to resolve issues that stand as an impediment to growing dairy ingredient sales.  A number of strategic initiatives were identified by the association as part of its 3-year plan, including the introduction of a new “ADPI Center of Excellence”, a pool of experts capable of addressing member questions and a refocusing of ADPI efforts to provide leadership in the development of dairy ingredient standards and specifications.

Committed To Leading Dairy’s Future
The dairy ingredient sector accounts for nearly a third of all dairy solids produced and over 80% of the dairy solids which are exported from the United States. ADPI is committed to leading this strong and growing sector of the industry.

The new ADPI values speak to this commitment:  “At ADPI, we deliver results by being responsive to our member’s needs; providing reliable, meaningful and useful information; cultivating a learning atmosphere and always seeking to be relevant while focusing on dairy ingredient products, not politics; being respectful of the contribution of others and seeking to work cooperatively and collaboratively for the mutual benefit of all; and creating excellent opportunities for our members to network and build relationships.”

Since 2011, ADPI has seen their membership revenue increase by 24% and look to maintain this strong momentum for future growth as a result of these recent changes.

As Thomas states, “ADPI accepts the challenge of progress through change and is looking to the future with confidence and a determination that we can, and will, accomplish the goals we have set for the benefit of the dairy ingredients industry.”

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