Monday, October 15, 2018
 GlobalDairyTrade Announces Reduced Volume of SMP Offered At Next Auction  

Fonterra has increased the volume of product that it plans to sell on GlobalDairyTrade over the next 12 months but has reduced the amount of product on offer for the next auction.

The October 1, 2013 auction sees whole milk powder (WMP) and anhydrous milkfat (AMF) volumes as per forecast, but the volume of skim milk powder (SMP) on offer has been reduced from the previous forecast. A total of 7,340 ton of SMP will be on offer at the next auction. Volumes for all of the main products on offer are less than the amount Fonterra made available at the September 17 event.

Fonterra's 12 month forecast GDT volumes have again been in favor of whole milk powder (WMP), at the expense of skim milk powder (SMP). The 12 month forecast sees an additional 32,000 tons of WMP added bringing the total forecast volume up to 465,000 tons. 

SMP volumes on offer over the next 12 months have been revised down by another 7,000 tons to 125,250 tons.

The anhydrous milkfat (AMF) 12 month forecast volume remains unchanged at 74,054 tons.

The net impact of the change in forecast volumes is a 3.8% increase across all products on offer. This brings the 12 month forecast up to 756,035 tons. Despite the increase in total volume on offer the 12 month forecasts remain well below the volume traded by Fonterra on GDT over the past 12 months. AMF forecast volumes are 23% lower, SMP volumes are 8% down, while the volume of WMP to be offered on GDT is now 14% less than that traded on the electronic platform over the past year. 

Source: Dairy Trader

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