Tuesday, October 23, 2018
 Proliant Dairy Ingredients Launches New Website  

Proliant Dairy Ingredients is proud to announce the launch of a new website, featuring an easy-to-navigate design with updated company information.

The entirely new, clean layout highlights important topics relating to products and services, links to dairy industry resources, current news articles, and upcoming events.  The visitor-friendly experience includes descriptive pages accompanied by photos of Proliant’s facilities.

Proliant Dairy Ingredients’ parent company, Lauridsen Group Inc., has aligned the new website with Proliant Inc.’s family of companies by including helpful links allowing visitors to learn more about Proliant Meat Ingredients, Proliant Health and Proliant Biologicals.

“We are excited to offer the new website as an additional resource for our current and potential customers” said Lori Stevenson, Proliant Dairy’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing, “We plan to continuously grow and update the website with new information.”

The completely different layout and concept of the new website is reflective of the company’s corporate culture and rapid growth that Proliant Dairy Ingredients has experienced since inception.

For more information on Proliant Dairy please feel free to contact Lori Stevenson at (515) 298 – 7621, Linda Myhr at (303) 953 – 8258, or Daniel Landero at 011 52 331 109 2131.


Source: Proliant Dairy Ingredients Press Release

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