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 Sorrento Lactalis Cheese Factory Might Expand in Idaho  
The Sorrento Lactalis Cheese Factory is one of the more visible landmarks from Interstate 84 in Nampa. And if Lactalis America Group, the owner of the factory, has it's way this plant will become an even more notable site.

The company is requesting to construct a whey dryer facility that's 35,000-square feet and 175 feet high. There's just one problem. The area is zoned light industrial, meaning the maximum allowed height is 75 feet. This new addition would surpass that by 100 feet more than double the height allowed.

"It would be one of the tallest buildings around," said Jarom Wagoner, a planner with Canyon County.

Although we did receive an e-mail from a concerned Nampa resident who wanted to remain anonymous, most of the people we spoke with saw the upward expansion as more of a positive.

"I think it would a good addition, let's see how high it could go," said Joe Brown, a Nampa resident who lives right down the road from the factory.

"I don't see a problem with it because my husband works there, so it would bring more jobs to Idaho," said Sheri Howe.

There it is, the magic word -- jobs. That's one of the benefits Lactalis America is touting. There would be 40 to 50 new jobs, not counting the construction workers. Furthermore, the addition will mean a change in the raw milk byproduct.

"How they dispose of the byproduct? It's in a liquid form and then they're required to ship that out by truck," said Wagoner.

The new facility will allow them to dry the lactose to a fine powder, meaning less truck traffic in the area. But this is by no means a done deal. There's still a public hearing Feb. 19 and, if approved, there's still an appeal period. If all goes as planned this facility could be up and running by summer 2010.
Source: KTRV-TV (Nampa, ID)

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