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 Perspective on the 2014 Farm Bill’s Dairy Title  

ADPI is proud to provide our readers with featured commentary from ADPI Center of Excellence member Mr. Mike McCully. Mike is currently the president and owner of The McCully Group, LLC, a strategic consulting firm focusing on dairy and food companies.

After four years of discussion and much debate, the Farm Bill has finally become law.  The process to get to the finish line was messy and sometimes historic.  But in a polarized and divided Congress, where passing significant legislation has become rare, the passage of a bi-partisan Farm Bill is an important accomplishment.  

At 959 pages, or nearly $1 billion per page, the Farm Bill consists mostly of nutrition funding with only a small amount of spending dedicated to agriculture – 80% for food stamps and just 15% for agricultural subsidies.  

While most of the focus was on these two items, dairy did occasionally make the headlines, either with the “dairy cliff” or the Speaker’s insistence of not including “Soviet style” dairy supply controls in the Farm Bill.  In the end, the new dairy policy framework, based primarily on National Milk Producers Federation’s Foundation for the Future, represents an historic change for the U.S. dairy industry.  This paper takes a step back to look at these important changes and offers some perspective on what it means for the dairy industry.

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