Monday, November 19, 2018
 GlobalDairyTrade Prices Dip 2.6%  

The GlobalDairyTrade (GDT) price index dipped by 2.6% in the April 15 auction, settling at an average winning price of US$4047/ton, from US$4124/ton in the previous auction.

Butter milk powder (BMP) and milk protein concentrate (MPC) recorded the largest falls at 8.6% and 7% respectively, while butter, cheddar, rennet casein and skim milk powder (SMP) prices all fell by roughly 4%. Whole milk powder (WMP) dipped 1.6%, and anhydrous milk fat (AMF) made a slight gain of 0.6%.

Fonterra NZ's regular WMP for June delivery sold at US$3890/ton. Prices for June and July delivery eased by 1-2%. For August and September delivery, prices fell by 10.9% and 3.5% respectively. 

The average SMP price was US$3949/ton across all sellers and delivery periods. For contracts delivering in June, Fonterra's medium heat regular SMP sold at a discount to equivalent product from DairyAmerica and Amul, but other grades/delivery period for Fonterra supplied product sold at higher prices. Meanwhile, equivalent product from Euroserum and Arla sold at a slight discount to Fonterra. Interestingly all of the DairyAmerica product on offer sold at US$4,000/t irrespective of delivery period or product type.

AMF prices were the only ones to show gains this auction, selling at an average of US$4068/ton across all delivery periods, up from US$4038/ton last auction. Prices for regular AMF slated for June delivery was US$4030/ton, up from US$3995/ton last auction.

Source: Dairy Trader


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