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 March 2014 Milk Production up 0.9%  

 March 2014 U.S. milk production was estimated at 17.83 billion lbs., up just 0.9% from March 2013, according to USDA’s monthly report. Milk cow numbers were estimated at 9.22 million head, 3,000 head more than February 2014. Production per cow averaged 1,959 lbs. for March.

Both Dave Kurzawski, with FCStone, and Eric Meyer, from HighGround Dairy, called the report “neutral” versus market expectations.

“While we can’t point to anything on the report that was bullish vs. our pre-report expectations, the numbers were very close (to our estimates), and the revision in cow numbers from last month is a trend that’s likely to continue given the slowing slaughter rate we’ve seen,” Kurzawski said. “Futures had almost no reaction in electronic trading following the report release. While we’ve not seen a bullish response in the futures market from this report, it certainly may provide some underlying support below the marketplace, as supply hasn’t been as plentiful as many in the industry expected, given the strength we’ve seen in the IOFC and milk-feed ratio.”
Major dairy states
March milk production in the 23 major dairy states was estimated at 16.68 billion lbs., up just 1.1% from March 2013. February revised production at 14.9 billion lbs., was up 1.3% from February 2013. The February revision represented a decrease of 18 million lbs. or (0.1%) from last month's preliminary production estimate.

Milk cow numbers in the 23 major states for March was 8.51 million head, 1,000 head more than February 2014. Production per cow in those states averaged 1,959 lbs. for March.

March 2013 U.S. and major dairy states cow numbers and milk production per cow were not available, due to budget sequestration during much of last year, which limited USDA surveys.
Quarterly estimates
U.S. milk production during the January-March quarter totaled 51.1 billion lbs., up 1.0% from the the same quarter last year. Milk cow numbers for the quarter averaged 9.22 million head.


Source: Dairy Herd


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