Tuesday, October 16, 2018
 Fonterra and Nestlé Realign Latin American Joint Venture, DPA  

Nestlé SA and Fonterra have agreed to redefine the scope of their Latin American joint venture, Dairy Partners Americas, or DPA.


DPA was created by Nestlé and Fonterra in 2003 as a 50/50 joint venture, manufacturing milk powder and manufacturing and commercializing chilled and liquid dairy products throughout Latin America.

Nestlé said it was breaking up parts of a partnership with Fonterra to better reflect both companies' strategies in the region.

"The DPA milk powder factories in Brazil, Argentina, Ecuador and Colombia will once again be owned and operated by Nestlé, as will the liquid dairy business in Ecuador. The chilled and liquid dairy business in Venezuela will go back to Fonterra who will operate it with a local partner," Nestlé said.

Nestlé adding that the joint venture would remain in place in Brazil for the commercialization of chilled dairy, with Fonterra taking a 51 percent stake and Nestle 49 percent.

The company stated that joint venture had performed well for ten years, but it was now time to realign the partnership. It did not give further details on the reasons of the realignment.


Source: Reuters


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