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 China Milk Powder Imports Continue to Increase  

China imports of milk powder continue to truck along at record levels. During the month of April China imported over 88,000 tons of whole milk powder (WMP) and 22,000 of skim milk powder (SMP). Compared with the same month last year WMP imports are up 80% while twice as much SMP was imported. 


This year to date China has imported 420,000 tons of WMP, of which 382,000 tons was supplied from NZ. NZ's market share currently sits at around 90%, down from 97% at the same time last year. The NZ drought in 2013 reduced the volume of product available for NZ to export and for China to import. This forced China to look for alternate suppliers but with so much of the global supply being supplied by NZ, there is limited options. Several European countries do produce and export large quantities of WMP but this is typically priced higher than product supplied from NZ.


Source: China Customs


In the SMP market China has been more successful in attracting other suppliers. During this first four months of 2013 NZ supplied 85% of China's SMP requirements. But this year NZ's market share this year has dropped to about 50%. European countries now supply around 20% of China's SMP while the US has grown its market share rapidly to about 18%. Australia holds a 9% share of this market and Argentina is now also supplying SMP into China.

During the first four months of 2014 China's WMP imports equate to two thirds of the total volume imported across the full 12 months in 2013, while SMP imports this year to date are about half of last years total volume. WMP import volumes in the coming months are expected to be lower than those recorded in the early part of the season. Seasonal patterns show this is typically the case. Demand for imports at this time of the season is typically lower as domestic milk production is stronger at this time of the year.



Source: Dairy Trader

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