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 Hilmar Cheese Makes Plans For New Dry Milk Processing Facility  

Hilmar Cheese is in the process of building and hiring workers for a new dry-milk processing facility in Turlock, California, that will produce a variety of milk powders in an effort to expand the company's ingredients business to meet strong global demands.


“We are expanding our ingredients business to meet strong global demand for milk powders," said John Jeter, the Hilmar Cheese Company's CEO and president, in a news release. "The U.S. dairy industry, and specifically California, is well-positioned to be a consistent supplier to the world."

As construction crews work to build the new dry-milk processing facility in Turlock, administrators are actively looking to fill more than 40 full-time entry-level production positions and production supervisors at its new site, as well as its established facility in Hilmar.

“I think it's a very positive thing for the dairy industry as a whole in California," said Justin Gioletti, of Robert Gioletti & Sons Dairy. "Any time you add any more plant capacity at processing facilities in this state, it's beneficial to all dairymen."

The new employees will work 12-hour rotating shifts, including nights, weekends and holidays.

Workers will be involved in making cheese and whey products. Job duties also include operating production equipment, monitoring controls and maintaining Hilmar Cheese Company’s high standards for food safety and quality.

"With this expansion into milk powders, we are continuing our tradition of converting our high-quality milk supply into the value-added products customers want," said Tom Lelmini, vice president of Hilmar Ingredients. "We now have customers in 50 countries and are always striving to meet their needs."

The company said its latest investment will provide family farms that supply the business with milk the opportunity to grow.

The expansion also will allow the company to develop new relationships with dairy farmers who produce high-quality milk in the region.

"A lot of powdered milk is processed here, not just by Hilmar, but other processing companies," Gioletti said. "A lot of is for export. It goes to China or the Middle East. They're big buyers of our milk products."

The Turlock facility will produce a variety of milk powders as a form of nutrition to deliver to developing countries.

Turlock Mayor John Lazar said the expansion is part of a broader plan for his city to become a larger, more dynamic global supplier of agricultural products.

“The Silicon Valley of food processing -- that's where I think we're headed, I think, in terms of our future," Larza said.

Source: KCRA-TV (CA)

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