Tuesday, November 13, 2018
 Chinese Significantly Reduce Dairy Imports  

A recent report distributed by HighGround Dairy points out how much China has pulled back on dairy imports. Citing Chinese Customs data from October: whole milk powder imports were down nearly 85 million pounds or 72%, skim milk powder imports are 13 million pounds or 27.5% lower, whey products imports are down 14% from a year ago and butter imports are 39.5% below October of 2013. 

The only exception is cheese which is up 19%. The report notes the increased cheese business is not coming from the U.S. but from New Zealand and Australia. U.S. cheese exports to China are 700 metric tons lower than a year ago. 

U.S. dairy prices have been consistently above the GDT prices for months in effect pricing U.S. dairy products out of the global market. European prices plunged this year and those countries have ramped-up their dairy exports to China; Ireland and Denmark got over 20% of the market share in October. 

The U.S. share of the Chinese skim milk powder import market went from 34% in 2013 to 25% in 2014. During that period, Ireland's market share went from less than1 % to nearly 16%.

Source: AgriMarketing


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