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 Algeria Milk Powder Import Outlook  

U.S origin dairy products trade resumed in 2011 and exports have been on an upward trend since then and it seems for the foreseeable future. Algeria’s imports of milk powder for 2014 through August have exceeded last year’s total purchases according to statistics from the Algerian customs information center. 

Algeria remains one of the largest importers of milk powder. Algeria’s powdered milk imports are about 290 million MT valued at $1.04 billion over the last five years. Dairy products represented 13 percent ($1.256 billion) of the total food imports ($9.58 billion) in 2013. U.S. exports were 9 percent of this market in 2013. 

According to Algerian Customs, milk powder imports to August exceeded last year’s total purchases. January through August, Algeria imported the equivalent to $1.45 billion (284,000MT), compared to $704.25 million during the same period of 2013, a surge of 106%, according to the Algerian Customs.


The government dairy buying agency (ONIL) reported that it has imported sufficient volumes to meet domestic demand until July 2015. World prices decreased for milk powder at the end of 2013 and at the beginning of  2014, which allowed ONIL to renew its stocks.


Dairy import sources remain unchanged. Most of the nonfat dry milk powder is imported from EU countries, including France with 26 percent of the market, followed by Poland with 23 percent, the U.S. as 16 percent and Belgium 11 percent. 


Whole milk powder is imported from Argentina (33 percent) followed by New Zealand (14 percent), and France (11 percent). Most of the cheese comes from Netherlands (38 percent), Ireland (17 percent), and New Zealand (14 percent) and U.S. (8 percent).


Butterfat originates from New Zealand (87 percent), Brazil (5 percent), the U.S. (3 percent) and France (2 percent).


Proximity and good freight rates from Europe have always made trade with EU countries more advantageous. However, the absence of an export health certificate as well as the lack of a strong U.S presence on the market reduced U.S market share in previous years. With the reopening of the market in 2011, trade resumed and continues on an upward trend. The Algerian dairy market
closed to U.S. product in September 2010, over health certification issues. In late June 2011, U.S. and Algerian regulators came to an agreement on a new sanitary certificate reopening this lucrative market to US dairy products.


For 2014, through June, Algeria imported from the U.S. 14,787MT of nonfat dry milk, 157MT of whole milk powder, as well as 1,063 MT of cheese and 359MT of butter.


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