Monday, October 22, 2018
 Skim Milk Powder and Butter Continue To Move Into Private Storage Aid  

Butter and skim milk powder (SMP) continue to flow into the storage scheme that is subsidies by the EU government. In the week up to December 21st a further 552 tons of SMP and 112 tons of butter was placed into Private Storage Aid (PSA). This brings the total amount of butter in storage to 20,905 tons while 16,375 tons of SMP is now in the scheme.

The latest SMP to enter PSA came from Spain and Germany. Germany has been the largest contributor of SMP having placed 9,084 tons into PSA this year. Meanwhile most of the butter that has entered PSA since it was opened in September 2014 has come from Ireland and the Netherlands.

There is also 100,803 tons of cheese in PSA. Cheese was included in the PSA as a way of managing the additional stocks which were expected to come about as a result of Russia banning the importation of dairy products from the EU. However the cheese scheme was closed before the end of September after it was flooded with Italian cheese.

Source: Dairy Trader


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