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 Powder Exports At All-Time High In May  
NDM/SMP exports hit a record-high 101.9 million lbs. in May, up 85.7% from a year go, according to USDA/FAS trade data. The previous high of 01.1 million lbs. was established in August 1986. Exports accounted for 58% of U.S. NDM/SMP production in May – considerably higher than the 41% average of the previous 4 years.

Cheese exports remained strong in May, undeterred by record-high domestic prices in the latter part of the month. Overseas shipments of cheese were 27.4 million lbs., up 29.8% from last year.

Butterfat exports were 20.3 million lbs., up 383.1%. Meanwhile, exports of whey continue to lag.

In May, dry whey exports were 36.3 million lbs., down 41.2% from last year. For the year, exports are down 32.7%. Overseas demand still hasn’t recovered, despite prices that were just a third of what they were a year earlier.

 In total, U.S. dairy exports in May were valued at a record-high $377.9 million, up 54.4% from May 2007. In the first 5 months of the year, dairy export values were $1.77 billion, up 80.6%, USDA/FAS says.
Source: Daily Dairy Report

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