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 Australia Produces Less Whole Milk Powder  

Manufacturers in Australia have concentrated on producing cheese and skim milk powder (SMP) this season. Skim milk powder (SMP) has increased by 15.3%. Cheese production is up 11.7%. 

Whole milk powder (WMP) production has reduced by a quarter this season. Data from July 2014 to April 2015 shows 81,784 tons of WMP was manufactured. This compares with 108,739 tons during the same time period the previous season.



In the month of April 2015 the trend towards SMP was accentuated further. SMP production in April was up 45% year-on-year. WMP production was 0.7% lower despite strong milk intakes during the later part of the season.

Cheddar and fresh cheese were the most popular types of cheese manufactured this season. Cheddar production accounted for 55% of all cheese manufactured this season to date. Fresh cheese production has increased by 20% this year. Fresh cheese now makes up 28% of total cheese production.

Sales of fresh milk slowed in April 2015 relative to the same month the previous year. There was less demand for all varieties of milk with the exception of full cream milk. Full cream milk sales were 3.2% higher in April. This brought the season to date total to 3.5% for full cream milk. Full cream milk accounted for 50% of all milk sold. Reduced fat milk was the next popular choice. This was followed by UHT milk then fresh flavored milk. The least popular milk choice was No fat milk. No fat milk accounted for just 3.5% of all milk sold this season.

Milk purchases have increased in all states of Australia this season except Queensland. Milk sales are down 0.8% in Queensland. New South Wales is the states which sells the most liquid milk. Victoria is the second largest milk consuming state.




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