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 GDT Prices Slip Backwards  

 A fall in dairy prices at the GlobalDairyTrade auction which followed four consecutive gains was no surprise, and more rises are on the cards, an economist says. 

Prices at the October 20th  auction dropped 3.1 percent, hitting an average price of US $2,735 per metric ton. Volumes also declined from 36,050 tons on October 6 to 34,519 tons.

The price of whole milk powder dropped 4.6 percent, to an average price of US $2,694. Other major product that saw a decline included Skim milk powder which fell 4.5 percent, the butter price index was down 11.1 percent, the cheddar price index was minus 2.2 percent and lactose fell 3.8 percent.

While prices for main products fell, there were some gains. Anhydrous milk fat was up 2.4 percent, rennet casein up 2.1 percent and butter milk powder lifted by 3.2 percent.


There were 163 bidders trading 34,519 metric tons of dairy product. The next auction is scheduled for November 3, 2015. 


Source: Global Dairy Trade


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