Friday, October 19, 2018
 California Developer to Reopen Cheese Plant for UHT Milk Production  

Bay Area developer Tom Henderson has partnered with dairy businesses to purchase a vacant Mozzarella Fresca cheese plant in Tipton, California, in a deal that closed this month. The facility has been shut down since 2013.


Henderson’s company Crystal Garden plans to produce dairy products but not cheese, since that was part of the agreement with Lactalis America who owned the 51,000 square-foot building. “We are looking to make Ultra High Temperature (UHT) milk products mostly for export,” said Henderson, adding that he is, “very excited about the plan to restart the dairy operation and hire around 140 workers.”


“We should be in operation by next summer,” Henderson said, although some $30 million or more in improvements to the plant will be underway by the first of the year.

Henderson’s company plans to use around 40 loads of milk a day, similar in size but somewhat smaller than the Marques Cheese Plant’s milk supply in Hanford. He says the supply will be sourced from various Valley dairies.

Henderson says UHT milk is perfect for export since it has a shelf-life of 9 months without refrigeration. “Many parts of the world don’t have refrigeration either at home or in transport and the product is great. You can't taste the difference between UHT and milk we have here.”

Helping to boost their business plan is that California milk quality is highly regarded around the world, he says.

Source: Visalia Times-Delta (CA)


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