Saturday, October 20, 2018
 Fonterra Clarifies New GDT Offering of Guaranteed Age at Time of Departure Product  

Fonterra is providing further clarification on its new Guaranteed Age at Time of Departure (Guaranteed ATOD) offering (previously Enhanced Aged) on GDT, to be launched for the December 1st auction. 

To better clarify the service being provided, Fonterra is re-naming the offering to Guaranteed Age at time of Departure (Guaranteed ATOD). 

Fonterra’s new GDT offering provides a guarantee of the product age at time of departure. This guarantee is less than 90 days ATOD for Regular WMP and less than 120 days ATOD for Medium Heat SMP. 

Guaranteeing the age of product at time of departure on GDT offers our customers more certainty and optionality with regard to stock handling and management. Freshly-made product will always be available through our standard offering; however the Guaranteed ATOD, secures newly manufactured product, 100% of the time.

 The availability of the Guaranteed ATOD products will vary depending on the total GDT volume on offer, and the time of the season. For launch on 1 December (TE153), the maximum volume available as Guaranteed ATOD will be 15% of the offer quantity, for both the WMP and SMP Sales Groups. 

The introduction of this offering does not change the specifications or the typical age profile of the current Regular WMP and Medium Heat SMP products on GDT. In the last 12 months, 97% of WMP and 85% SMP sold through GDT was shipped with an age at time of departure of less than 180 days. 

Further information is available here. 

For any additional enquires, Bidders can contact their Fonterra Account Representative.

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