Monday, November 19, 2018
 Prices Fall Again at Global Dairy Trade Auction  

The November 17th GlobalDairyTrade auction saw prices plummet for the third auction in a row. The GDT Price Index fell 7.9% to an average price of US$2,345/t. This was a larger fall than the previous two decreases. To-date there has only been eight auctions this year that have seen an increase in the GDT Price Index.

New Zealand's major export whole milk powder fell 11 per cent, to an average price of US$2148. Prices for whole milk powder, the most traded product at the auction, fell 11%  to $2,148 per ton. Prices for skim milk powder lost 8.1% falling to $1,851 per ton. Butter milk powder shed 1.0%  and cheddar prices lost 5.0%.

There were 141 bidders trading 30,044 metric tons of dairy product. The next auction is scheduled for December 1st.

Source: GlobalDairyTrade



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