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 Dairy Ingredients Used in Calf Milk Replacers  

A very significant volume of dairy ingredients is used in calf milk replacers in the US and throughout the world.


Definition of Milk Replacer:  Milk replacers are formulated feeds made from a variety of ingredients that provide the nutrient requirements for young calves. Most milk replacers are dry powders that have to be reconstituted to a liquid by mixing with water. There are also liquid milk replacers that are primarily used by some large veal raising and calf rearing ranches.


Types of Milk Replacers

    Herd Calf Milk Replacers. These milk replacers are designed and fed to young heifer calves that are raised to enter the milking herd and young bull calves that are raised for beef.

    Veal calf Milk Replacers.  Milk replacers formulated and fed to bull calves that are raised to produce veal meat.

Rationale for using Milk Replacers:  Milk replacers are typically used because this method of feeding the calves is lower in cost than feeding whole salable cow’s milk. Milk replacer powders also may offer convenience as they can be stored in a dry form rather than a perishable liquid. It is estimated that more than 70% of the calves in the US are fed milk replacers.


Protein ingredients commonly  used in calf Milk Replacers:

        Whey protein concentrate
        Dried skim milk
        Dried whey
        Soy protein isolate
        Soy protein concentrate
        Modified wheat protein

Estimated size of US Milk Replacer Market:     Herd milk replacers: 110,000 tons per year         Veal calves: 110,000 tons per year


Large calf milk replacer manufacturers:

Herd Milk Replacers
American Calf – California
Calva Products -  Arizona
Dairy Manufacturers, Inc. – Texas
Esmico – Minnesota, Wisconsin
Land O’Lakes – Minnesota based
Lawley’s  - California
Merrick’s – Wisconsin based
Milk Products – Wisconsin
Milk Specialties Global – Minnesota based
PMT – Ontario, Canada
Royal Milc – Minnesota
TC Products - Wisconsin

Veal Milk Replacers:
Les Aliments Pro-Lacto –Quebec
Les Aliments Serval Canada-Quebec
Marcho Farms/Select Veal Feeds - Pennsylvania

Herd and Veal milk replacer manufacturers:
Buckeye Veal Services – Ohio
Grober, Inc – Ontario, Canada based
Les Aliments Pro-Lacto -  Quebec, Canada
Les Aliments Serval Canada – Quebec, Canada
Quality Feed, Inc, Wisconsin
Serval NRV, Inc. – Wisconsin
Stauss Feeds, Inc. - Wisconsin

The milk replacer industry is  an important market for dairy ingredients.

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