Wednesday, November 14, 2018
 Australian Milk Production Plummets 10.3%  

Australian milk production plummeted 10.3 percent in July compared with last year, with massive drops in Tasmania, South Australia and northern Victoria, according to the latest figures from Dairy Australia.


Farmers have slashed production in response to the big cut in milk prices, initially by Murray Goulburn and Fonterra in May and then by most processors in July.

Tasmanian production is hardest hit, down 19.6 per compared with July 2015. South Australian production fell 18.8 percent. Overall Victorian production was down 11.2 percent, with a 17.7 percent fall in northern Victoria, 8.7 percent fall in Gippsland and 8.0 percent fall in western Victoria.

Production fell 7.2 percent in New South Wales and 0.4 percent in Queensland.

The only state to show growth was Western Australia with production up 1.4 percent as some farmers react to growth incentives in their current contracts.

Source: Australian Dairy Farmers

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