Tuesday, October 16, 2018
 Dairy Prices Have Risen Again with Whole Milk Powder Prices Up Nearly 5%  

Global dairy prices continued to increase at the latest Global Dairy Trade auction, marking their fourth straight jump. The Global Dairy Price Index climbed 3.5%, with an average selling price of $3,622 per ton at the December 6th auction. 


The rise was slower than last month's 4.5% while volume of product sold slipped 6%, said Fonterra. 


Whole milk powder prices were up 4.9% to $3,593 per ton, while skim milk powder also saw an increase of 1.4% to $2,570 per metric ton. Butter milk powder was the only product selling that suffered a decrease.


"The lifts in dairy commodity prices ... were closely aligned with market expectations," AgriHQ dairy analyst Susan Kilsby said .


She said the price differential between whole milk powder and skim milk powder continued to widen which was likely to encourage more milk to be diverted in production of the former.


The GDT price index has dropped only once since the beginning of August as global dairy prices recover from lows. The auctions are held twice a month, with the next one scheduled for December 20th.

Source: GlobalDairyTrade


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