Monday, November 19, 2018
 NDM Inventories Respond to Higher Support Prices and new DEIP Awards  

Sales of NDM to the government resumed August 24th as manufacturers have sold 2,005,000 lbs. of NDM to the Commodity Credit Corporation (CCC) under the Dairy Products Price Support Program.


Since USDA raised the support price on NDM to [Article].92 (from [Article].80) on August 1st, manufacturers have only sold only 3.2 million lbs. of powder to CCC, while canceling prior sales (at the old support price) of 2.8 million lbs.


According to USDA's "Dairy Market News," the market tone is firm, yet unsettled as the future remains uncertain. Demand is mixed,” the report says. Buyers are trying to gauge what will happen to prices beyond Nov. 1, when the support price for powder is scheduled to revert to 80¢.


The cumulative totals of CCC purchases of dairy products since October 1, 2008, for NDM now totals 279,229,300 lbs.

The USDA/FAS has also approved a DEIP bonus for 10.7 million lbs of NDM for export that is expected to ship during the months of September and October of this year. To date this is one of the largest awards given since DEIP was reactivated in June 2009.

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