Monday, November 19, 2018
 USDA/AMS Looking To Amend The Regulations of the U.S. Standards for Condition of Food Containers  

The Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS) proposes to amend the regulations governing the United States (U.S.) Standards for Condition of Food Containers. AMS regularly reviews standards to determine if they meet current industry practices. Based on the most recent review, we believe that the U.S. Standards for Condition of Food Containers needs to be revised.

The revisions are necessary in order to provide standards that reflect current industry practices. Revisions to the U.S. Standards for Condition of Food Containers include simplifying Tables I, I-A, II, II-A, III, III-A, and III-B for sampling plans for normal, tightened, and reduced condition of container inspection to reflect the type of sampling plan used (single or double).

It also includes updating the Acceptable Quality Levels (AQLs), Tables IV--Metal Containers, V--Glass Containers, VI--Rigid and Semirigid Containers, VII--Flexible Containers (Plastic, Cello, Paper, Textile, etc.), and X--Defects of Label, Marking, or Code (currently Table VIII) to incorporate new defects and updating current defects to include defects that would correspond to new packaging technologies such as aseptic packaging, metal cans with easy open lids, and plastic rings that hold several containers together. This revision also proposes adding new defect tables entitled Table VIII--Unitizing (Plastic or other type of casing/unitizing) and Table IX--Interior Can Defects. Finally, removing the Operating Characteristic (OC) curves for on-line sampling and inspection. Other minor non-substantive changes are also proposed.

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