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 3-A SSI Introduces New Knowledge Center Video Resources  

3-A Sanitary Standards, Inc. (3-A SSI) announces a major expansion of its on-line technical resources with the opening of a revamped Knowledge Center and new video resources. The new Knowledge Center offers a broad and comprehensive array of resources on hygienic design, 3-A Sanitary Standards and 3-A Accepted Practices, the 3-A Symbol program and related licensing requirements.

The new video gallery includes five titles which are available for download or viewing on-line at no charge. The new video titles and approximate run times include:

More Than Just a Symbol: The 3-A Story (10:38) - This is a great introduction to the organization 3-A Sanitary Standards, Inc. and the 3-A Symbol licensing program

Essentials of Sanitary Design: The 3-A Format and Style Manual (2:12:50) - For those seeking an in-depth understanding of sanitary design criteria, this is a comprehensive review of the elements common to 3-A Sanitary Standards and 3-A Accepted Practices.

The Certified Conformance Evaluator and the TPV Inspection Overview (9:10) - This short video offers a good primer to the requirements for the credential ‘Certified Conformance Evaluator’ required for an independent professional to conduct a Third Party Verification (TPV) inspection. A general overview of the TPV inspection required for 3-A Symbol authorization is also presented.

Trust But Verify: The TPV Inspection for 3-A Symbol Authorization (53:44) - This presentation takes you from start to finish in the Third Party Verification (TPV) inspection. While this demonstration covers a sample centrifugal pump, the inspection process is similar for other types of equipment covered by a 3-A Sanitary Standard.

Maintaining 3-A Symbol Integrity: Reporting Alleged Non-conformance (10:37) - This is a short but important review of how issues of alleged non-conformance of 3-A Symbol authorization should be handled. While the oversight for conformance rests with the licensee, other parties can and should help watch for products in possible non-conformance to protect the integrity of the 3-A Symbol.

The video resources include links to other relevant resources on the 3-A SSI website and outlines of the presentation material contained in the video, all free of charge. The new video resources were designed as high-value, user-friendly tools to introduce all interested parties to the ‘value of 3-A’, from understanding the fundamentals of hygienic design to the details of a typical TPV inspection, which is required for authorization to use and display the 3-A Symbol.

According to 3-A SSI Executive Director Tim Rugh, “The videos and other reference materials were designed not just to inform, but to educate those with the desire to really understand the important features of 3-A Sanitary Standards and 3-A Accepted Practices. These valuable resources are now available at any time for anyone around the world.”

The new Knowledge Center is available on the 3-A SSI website at or go directly to

Source: 3-A SSI News Release

Timothy R. Rugh, CAE


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