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 George E. Hutson 2010 ADPI Award of Merit Recipient  

The American Dairy Products Institute (ADPI) is pleased to announce George E. Hutson as the 2010 Recipient of the Award of Merit. The Award of Merit was established in 1991 to recognize individuals who have made a significant difference in the processed dairy products industry.

George Hutson has been passionately involved in the dairy industry for more that 40 years. His career experiences began in the manufacture and sales of processing equipment for butter, then moved to the manufacturing of fluid milk packaging where he held jobs ranging from sales to executive and sales management.

Hutson’s career in the area of membrane filtration began in 1975 when he was instrumental in the first installations of reverse osmosis systems for the concentration of whey prior to roller drying. Later, he helped develop Ultrafiltration applications for the production of whey protein concentrates.

In 1982, Hutson created Filtration Engineering Co. Inc. (FE) and focused on producing membrane filtration equipment and processes for the dairy and cheese industry. During that time, he began manufacturing membrane equipment for applications that led to the first application of Nanofiltration.

Under Hutson's leadership, FE has become a worldwide leader in the dairy industry for its membrane filtration systems. Their designs have continued to evolve to meet the varied needs of their customers and provide them with new systems to develop new food products and to maximize their customers' return on investment.

Hutson was born and raised in the Chicago, Illinois area. He joined the Army in 1958 and attended Officers Candidate School where he received his commission as a 2nd Lieutenant, Infantry. Discharged in 1960, Hutson remained in the Army Reserves for 10 more years and attained the rank of Major.

Today, George Hutson remains at the helm of Filtration Engineering where he, his son, son-in-law and over 30 other employees service customers from its plant in Champlin, Minnesota.

George Hutson is truly an industry leader whose life's work has made a highly significant contribution to the worldwide dairy and cheese processing industry. ADPI is proud to honor him with this recognition.

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