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 Recent Study Shows the Prolibra® Weight Management Solution Significantly Reduces Glycemic Index Units - Glanbia Nutritionals  

A recent human clinical trial shows that Prolibra® weight management solution from Glanbia Nutritionals considerably reduces postprandial glycemia in a dose dependant manner and resulted in a lower glycemic index (GI).  Consuming foods with a low GI is one dietary approach for achieving healthy weight loss and may aid weight loss through the control of appetite, the delay of hunger, and the reduction of insulin levels and insulin resistance.  Participants experienced a statistically significant reduction of up to 37.8 Glycemic Index units when Prolibra was added to a liquid meal consisting of 50 g of glucose.  The research, conducted by Glycemic Index Laboratories for Glanbia Nutritionals, has implications for companies looking to introduce healthful weight-management products that feature science-based GI reduction claims.
 “This study, in conjunction with two earlier studies, demonstrates the efficacy of Prolibra as a multi-faceted approach to healthy and sustainable weight loss,” said Sharon Rokosh, business development manager at Glanbia Nutritionals.  “Prolibra significantly reduces postprandial glycemia, accelerates fat breakdown, reduces fat deposition, retains lean muscle and delays the onset of hunger.”
Ten healthy men and women (Average BMI 33.6 kg/m2) completed the multi-day glucose measurement study with Prolibra. Subjects fasted 10-14 hours, were weighed, took a fasting blood sample, consumed a test meal, and took blood samples at 15, 30, 45, 60, 90 and 120 minutes thereafter.  Three Prolibra dose levels were used to determine the glycemic index lowering potential of the ingredient within a liquid meal:  6.1g, 12.2g, and 24.4g.
The study found that the addition of Prolibra significantly reduced postprandial glycemia to all test meals, with a reduction of up to 37.8 GI units.  Increasing the dose of Prolibra caused a greater decrease in GI values in an essentially linear relationship.  According to the study, “the addition of Prolibra to a liquid meal in the dose range of 6.1 – 24.4g will result in a reduction of GI value of the product by approximately 7.6 - 37.8 GI units, respectively.”
Foods with a high GI are those which are rapidly digested and absorbed and result in marked fluctuations in blood sugar levels.  A low GI food decreases post prandial glycemia and may have proven benefits for health, including reducing the risk of diabetes and heart disease and may help with maintaining a healthy body weight.
Two earlier clinical trials have confirmed other significant benefits of Prolibra.  One study concluded that 79% of total weight lost by a Prolibra user group was fat while only 51% of the weight lost within the control group was fat.  The study also showed Prolibra users retained twice as much lean muscle mass as the control group.  A second study showed total body fat mass was significantly reduced in a Prolibra user group versus a placebo group (5.8% reduction with Prolibra vs. 2.3% in the placebo group).
Applications for Prolibra include nutrition bars, ready-to-drink beverages, powdered beverages, fruit beverages & smoothies, dairy beverages and snacks.  Based on a daily consumption of an efficacious dose of Prolibra, the following claims may be made for dietary supplements or functional foods: Helps improve body composition, Helps improve lean mass to fat ratio, Helps reduce body fat, Helps support fat loss, Aids fat loss, Helps maintain already healthy levels of blood glucose, Helps maintain a healthy glycemic response, Feel fuller longer.
For more information on Prolibra, send an e-mail to or contact Sharon Rokosh at (608) 329-2800.      
Glanbia Nutritionals is a division of Glanbia plc, a leading international food company headquartered in Kilkenny, Ireland. Glanbia plc is one of Europe's leading dairy companies, and one of the world's largest cheese manufacturers.
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