Monday, November 19, 2018
 USDA says Italian Dairy Sector is on the Mend Despite Price War  

The Italian dairy sector is starting to look up after a long period of restructuring that forced more than 30,000 farmers to shut down but tensions remain between producers and processors over prices, according to a USDA report.

As world demand begins to return to pre-crisis levels, the Italian dairy industry appears to be recovered. The report from the USDA Foreign Agricultural Service said that starting from the third quarter of 2009 dairy prices, mainly driven by Protected Country of Origin (PCO) cheeses and butter, started to improve and have continued on an upward path.

But despite the market improvement, the USDA report said positive trends are partially overshadowed by a “milk price war” between farmers and processors. Due, it said, to a nonexistent national price agreement, many bilateral agreements are being carried out around Italy and farm gate prices are fluctuating, on average, between 0.35 euro cents and 0.40 euro cents.

Source: Dairy Reporter

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