Friday, November 16, 2018
 Venezuela will Import 16.000 Tons of Milk Powder from Belarus  

The governments from Venezuela and Belarus signed 17 agreements of cooperation in areas such as agriculture, feeding, mining and living that were discussed during the recent visit from President Hugo Chávez to Minsk.

The meeting was presided by the chancellor Nicolás Maduro and the Agriculture Minister from Belarus, Alexandr Radevich.

In feeding matter, Venezuela will import 16000 tons of milk powder, that recently scarce, and that will be sold in the public shops net. Also, an agreement was signed in commitment to modernize the storage and food conservation facilities in Venezuela.

Both countries have in mind also to build three “agroindustrial communes”, a sort of cooperatives for the seeding and processing of foods, in Barinas, in Venezuela’s west, such as in Miranda, Aragua and Carabobo, in the north of the country.

Source: Globovisión/AFP

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