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Winners of Student Research Posters Recognized at inaugural Global Ingredients Summit

Student research poster participants (top row: l to r): Rachel Lindstrom, Utah State University; Praminth Manosha Ukwattage Don, South Dakota State University. (bottom row: l to r): Usman Amin, North Carolina State University; Katharine Nathania, Fresno State University

The inaugural Global Ingredients Summit, held March 11-13 in Reno, Nevada, offered an outstanding opportunity to undergraduate and graduate students allowing them to showcase their latest research on emerging technologies, advances in sustainability, biotechnology, data science, and applications related to dairy ingredients and cheese.  Three students within the student poster portion of the event, were invited to participate in the Student Research Competition and present information related to their research during the oral portion of the program. Congratulations to Rachel Lindstrom from Utah State University for winning first place in the student research competition with her research and presentation on the topic of preserving and accurately measuring the state of insoluble calcium during cheddar cheese manufacture and receiving $1000. Our second place winner and receiving $500 was Praminth Manosha Ukwattage Don from South Dakota State University who presented on the comparative studies of skim milk and whole milk microfiltration Earning third place and receiving $350 was Usman Amin from North Carolina State University with his topic of manufacturing fractal and spherical whey protein aggregates, and the impact of processing variables on particle size and colloidal stability.

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